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I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Finance at Cornell University; I am on leave from the University of Delaware for 2024-25.

My research interests include Asset Pricing, Credit Risk, Labor, Macro-Finance, and Sovereign Debt. Please find my papers below.


Alfred Lerner College ​of Business and Economics,

University of Delaware,

Newark, DE




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Time-varying Risk Premium and Unemployment Risk Across Age Groups [link] [SSRN version]

Internet Appendix [link]

Joint with Indrajit Mitra

Review of Financial Studies, 2020, 33(8): 3624-3673.

Blog summary [link]

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Systematic Risk, Debt Maturity, and the Term Structure of Credit Spreads [link] [SSRN version]

Internet Appendix [link]

Joint with Hui Chen and Jun Yang

Journal of Financial Economics, 2021, 139(3): 770-799.

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Illiquidity in Sovereign Debt Markets [link] [SSRN version] [download replication kit]

Joint with Juan Passadore

Journal of International Economics, Volume 137, July 2022, 103618.

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High Discounts and Low Fundamental Surplus: An Equivalence Result for Unemployment Fluctuations [link] [SSRN version]

Internet Appendix [link]

Joint with Indrajit Mitra and Taeuk Seo

This version: May 2023

Management Science, Forthcoming

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A Theory of the Term Structure of Interest Rates under Limited Household Risk Sharing [link] [SSRN version]

Internet Appendix [link]

Joint with Indrajit Mitra

This version: November 2023

Review of Financial Studies, Forhcoming

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Working papers

Ambiguity and Unemployment Fluctuations [link]

Joint with Indrajit Mitra

This version: March 2024

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The Fed Information Effect and Firm-level Investment: Evidence and Theory [link] [Summary slides]

This version: February 2024

Joint with Alex Hsu, Indrajit Mitra, and Linghang Zeng

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Domestic Banking Fragility and Sovereign Debt Capacity [link]

This version: August 2022

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